Thursday, February 10, 2011

New blog days

It seems that I have now managed to get back to my blog - fiddle with a new design, new title and basically renovated the blog. Not sure if it looks OK but perhaps you never know until you get people's feedback.

These days have been very busy with quite a few things on my mind: events in Egypt, my load testing framework at work, my Android app which I have published but has not yet made it to version 1 (still version 0.9.6) - what if it does not make it version 1.0, I keep making versions until 0.9.9 and then I suppose there is no limit you can go up to Reminds me of the famous mathematical paradox: everything is still and there is no movement since let's say you are moving from A to B. In order to do that, you need to do the half and then the next half. With the second half also, you need to do the first quarter and second quarter, so on. At the end, it concludes that movement is just an illusion, we are all still!

OK, I look forward to my next post. I had a couple of posts which I preferred to disable since I felt they are old - well, they were 3.5 years old - what a hiatus!